Every month we host a GLC – Gomer Learning Community. Each GLC will be hosted in the school hall where parents / carers will be provided with a short presentation by a member of staff in relation to school based learning and / or developments  This months GLC focused on SPaG – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. After each presentation, parents / carers will have the opportunity to work alongside their child in class. Thank you to Mr Woolway for leading this months GLC.
You can access the handout electronically by clicking on the link: SPaG booklet FINAL. Mr Woolway has provided a Statutory word list hand out too. Alternatively, hard copies are located in the school reception.
Key information from our second GLC included:
Whats is SPaG and why does it matter?

  • SPaG stands for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Assessment: in year 6 pupils sit the English grammar, punctuation and spelling test as part of their KS2 SATs
  • Future assessment: GCSEs for English literature, history, geography and religious studies now include a possible 5% penalty for poor SPaG displayed in exams.
  • Beyond assessment: a confident command of SPaG gives writing authority and power.

Spelling: what are the expectations?

  • The new National Curriculum sets high standards for spelling
  • Lower school (Years 3 and 4) and upper school (Years 5 and 6) have separate ‘statutory word lists’
  • Examples: Y3/4: sentence, calendar, business.  Y5/6: committee, guarantee, hindrance.

How can I help my child succeed?

  • Many tips and strategies are outlined in the hand-out:
  • Practice: parental help in studying the weekly spelling list
  • Reading: seeing words help children visualise correct spellings
  • Games: Scrabble, Pass the Bomb and Boggle
  • Puzzles: word searches, crosswords, apps on iPad
  • Dictate: asking your child to help compiling lists. Spell the words out to them.

Punctuation and grammar: how can I help my child succeed?

  • Many tips and strategies are included in the hand-out. Use these in addition to testing the knowledge of terms:
  • Silly sentence makers: encourage your child to create silly sentences that make sense.
  • Get your sentences in order: turn sentences into jigsaw puzzles.
  • Online resources and games: The British Council’s grammar games and more.

Writing: the wider context

  • SPaG is an essential component of becoming a skilled writer.
  • Other elements include a) text structure and organisation and b) composition and effect.
  • To see levelled writing, access www.gov.uk and search for ‘writing exemplifications’.

Our November GLC will be led by Mrs Digby on Wednesday 19th November at 9am. The focus of the GLC will be on reading.


21st October 2014
Category: Whole School