On Friday 31st October, our local Asda organised a cake sale for us. Baked for and hosted by their wonderful Community Life Champion, Rachel Webber, a range of delicious cakes were sold, quickly raising £136.37.  Miss Borthwick kindly supported Rachel and her daughter Abigail on the day. Miss Borthwick’s face-paining was appreciated by Asda shoppers and Abigail looked adorable in her Halloween outfit.
The funds raised will be used to help purchase a wheel chair. You will be aware that we are a wheel chair friendly site, providing a conducive environment for wheel chair users. The school is keen to give the opportunity to other children to experience how it feels to use a wheel chair. It will also provide opportunities for those in a wheelchair to have a peer join them in activities such as PE.
Asda have also committed their Community Champion to volunteer at our school regularly, supporting and leading a variety of learning activities. Thank you Asda. Your support is valued and appreciated.


31st October 2014
Category: Whole School