In addition to our Y3 children having the opportunity to learn how to play the ukulele, we have branched out this musical opportunity across the school. Y6 did really well yesterday and after only two sessions with Mr Potter they were able to perform to Mrs Mulhall. We are hoping that many of our children will be able to play at the 2015 Portsmouth Music Festival in addition to singing int the choir.
Fact of the day: Mr Willis, our Y6 TA, plays regularly with the The Stokes Bay Strummers. You may remember that they performed for us in the Summer Term as part of our ukulele launch. So, our in-house seasoned player is supporting the teaching of the ‘ukes’ across the school. Thank you Mr Willis.
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3GS also had the opportunity to perform to Mrs Mulhall. The children were awesome. After only two lessons they were able to play and sing three songs. Well done children.

14th January 2015
Category: Whole School