On Wednesday 17 June, NED visited us at Gomer. Gary, a super fabulous presenter flown in from the USA, used a variety of yo-yo tricks, to energise us about being champions for ourselves and our school. The forty-five minute focus being:
The assembly was great fun and reinforced our Gomer values and responsibilities. You will be aware, that the yo-yos used will be available for children to purchase without obligation. They will be available to buy until Wednesday of next week. The yo-yos can be used outside, in the designated area at any break or lunch time. Not only are the yo-yos great fun, they enabled us to create a way to host The NED Show. We participated in the Pay-It-Forward program. Those families who have chosen to purchase items from our sale,  not only received a classic yo-yo with the NED message on it, but have also helped send The NED Show assembly to the next school. Go Gomer!
Please do visit the website: http://www.thenedshow.com
This weeks Learning Logs will be linked to The NED Show to help reinforce the key messages and access the free on-line resources.

17th June 2015
Category: Whole School