The ‘parent-carer pair-up’ Big Write is happening on Thursday of this week. This is the last time this year children will show-case their learning to their parents/carers. Parents/carers are invited into the classroom to help their child create a piece of writing based on this week’s stimulus. This opportunity will give you the opportunity to see and  support with one of the ways we encourage the children to write at Gomer. Because the children will need to concentrate on their learning, and the limited space in our classrooms, we are unable to accommodate younger siblings at this event; parents/carers only please.
The stimulus for the writing is The Last Game by Nike Football. It is a five minute video which tells the story of a game of football between humans and robots. The first goal wins and, essentially, the victorious side keeps the sport. As always, we are looking to:
1) Share the stimulus
2) Generate ideas through a shared write
3) Give children the maximum time available to produce their own piece of work.
We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday. Please sign-in at our Reception Desk.

7th July 2015
Category: Whole School