Congratulations to all children who applied for various roles of responsibility around the school, including:

  • Gomer Rep
  • Head Boy and Head Girl
  • Office Support
  • Site Management  Support
  • Sports Leader Co-coordinator
  • Librarian
  • BikeIt! Crew – see BikeIt! page

We were delighted that so many children applied for roles to contribute to the daily life of our community. Roles have been assumed by:

  • Gomer Rep – Zak, Shannon, Jessemy, Jamie, Abigail, Kazia, Charley, Evie, Taylor, Grace, Hannah, Kaya, Emily, Annis, Jemma, Georgina S, Rebecca B, Riley W, Charlotte T, Sophie, Nyah, Mitchell, Dylan & Zoe
  • Head Boy and Head Girl – Maddison and Dillon
  • Office Support – Georgina S, Charley & Grace
  • Site Management  Support – Daniel, Jack P, Guy andNate
  • Sports Leader Co-coordinator – Sam C
  • Librarians: Bo , Rosy , Anya , Mea , Tom, Jack, Kaya, Maddison, Riley Wallace and Evie.

These children will be given a badge to identify their role. The Gomer Rep badges are coloured in their house colour. Their pictures to this post are to follow.
Our Head Boy and Head Girl have had their first picture taken for The News following coverage of our new kitchen. Please see below:
Kitchen The News

18th September 2015
Category: Whole School