We recognise the importance of varied opportunities for our children to learn and develop, throughout the school day and beyond it.  Therefore, we offer a range of clubs, the majority of which are currently FREE. Unless stated, the clubs run after the school day and until 4.25pm. The majority of clubs are run by staff who give up their own time to the benefit of the children; other clubs are run by outside agencies and therefore a charge is levied.
We have a high demand on our clubs. Therefore, it is not always possible to accommodate everyone who applies to join due to Health and Safety requirements e.g. space and adult-pupil ratio. Therefore, we are unable to invite every child to a club who applies. Those clubs with a high interest e.g. BikeIt! Club are chosen randomly by our BikeIt! Crew. Unsuccessful applicants are put on a waiting list. gSTEM Club has proved very popular and to accommodate the large numbers of children, they are operating on a fortnightly basis; the content of the sessions allows for this. We aim to accommodate at least one choice of club for every pupil who applies.
For more information about the range of clubs we offer please visit the Clubs part of our website which can be found at http://kgagomer.uk/after-school-clubs/
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17th November 2015
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