Advent is the four weeks before Christmas, beginning on the nearest Sunday to it.  The word Advent comes from the Latin ‘adventus’ which means ‘arrival’ or ‘coming’. This is the time for Christians to prepare for celebration of the birth of Jesus.
The Rev. Andy from St. Mary’s Church led our Collective Worship today and taught us about the Advent Wreath. What do the Advent Candles stand for?
1 The candle of Hope so prayers on this day focus on hope. .
2 This candle is a symbol of God’s Peace, reminding Christians of the Prophets who said that the Messiah would be born. .
3 The candle of Love, represents John the Baptist who baptised Jesus. .
4 The candle of Joy reminds Christians of Jesus’ mother, Mary. .
5 The fifth candle reminds Christians of the birth of Jesus. .
In many advent services children have fun making Christingles. Year 4 can look forward to this for later on in the term. Yesterday, Caring Hands collected your Advent Calendar donations. You collected an impressive 96 Advent Calendars. The FROGJS added 4 selction boxes enabling us to donate a neat 100 gifts. Go Gomer! With thanks to you all and members of our local community.

1st December 2015
Category: Whole School