In the Summer Term 2015 we asked you to complete a Survey Monkey – 77 of you completed this. Where you disagreed with a statement e.g. ‘My child is happy at school?’ we asked you to tell us what we needed to do to change this for your child. The responses were analysed and we set about addressing everything you said. These actions have been shared with you on a monthly basis to highlight that we genuinely listen to and respond to feedback.
We have recently asked you to answer the same questions on the Ofsted Parent View website. Currently, 50 of you have responded – thank you. We were surprised to see that some of the results are rather different to the responses in the Summer Term. We had thought that having actioned your suggestions to make things even better at Gomer, the results would have been  different. The results also differ from the feedback given by some parents/carers to our governor questionnaire responses.
We recognise that 50 responses is a very small proportion (just over 10%) of our 480 strong community. Therefore, we are really keen to ensure that all our parents complete the Parent View so that the graphs produced by Ofsted reflect the whole community. So, if you have yet to complete the Ofsted Parent View, please go to:
You will need to create an account but doing this, alongside answering 12 questions, takes no longer than 10 minutes. Thank you for your time and support.
The responses to the Ofsted Parent View are anonymous. For those of you have ‘disagreed or strongly disagreed’ with a statement, we urge you to come and talk to Mrs Mulhall, Mr Potter or any member of staff. If we know exactly what you are unhappy with and why, we will set about addressing this. For example, several of you said you feel we do not address bullying and/or you do not know what we do to address this. We have clear policies and protocols in place to address this (on website), we outlined this information in our December newsletter and the LAPS Team work extensively to support rare incidents of bullying. If you are not aware of any of this, please ask so we can let you know. If we are unaware of what you are unhappy with it is difficult to bring about change for you.

7th January 2016
Category: Whole School