SUMMER UNIFORM is welcomed after the Easter holiday and can be worn up to the first half of the Autumn Term. The school uniform list, agreed by the governors, stipulates school grey or black shorts, white shirt/blouse or polo as normal. Girls can wear shorts, culottes or a dark blue (not baby or royal blue) gingham dress (no playsuits please). Also, please note – if girls choose to wear a dark blue gingham blouse, this is to be teamed with the dark blue gingham skirt too. In line with health and safety, hair that can be tied back needs to be tied back. Sensible sandals of a school appropriate colour are welcomed in the Summer Term. Thank you for supporting our uniform policy – we are often commended for looking neat and smart.

Navy uniform 1
Correct colour above – ‘dark blue/navy’

Uniform baby
Incorrect colour – ‘baby’ blue

2nd March 2016
Category: Whole School