Mrs Bottriell has been telling the children for several weeks now that Bikeit! Ray had organised a surprise bike event for them as a thank you for all their hard work and dedication to cycling.  Tuesday 21 June was the big event! Professional BMX Flatland rider and Guiness World Record holder Matti Hemmings came to impress. Some children knew who Matti was and were very surprised to see him at their school as they walked out onto the playground. All children, including Year 2 who were invited to the event were amazed with the daring stunts and tricks Matti performed. It’s fair to say the adults we suitably impressed as well!

Matti showed many of his stunts including the Cliffhanger, a no handed spin on a BMX with one foot on the handle bars, which he currently holds the record (56 spins in one minute). With cheers, shouts and encouragement from the children today, Matti stopped at 15!
Gomer staff are always keen to take part and show the children that they are not afraid of having fun.  Today was no exception. Mrs Gardener and Mr Milnes were quickly volunteered by the children when Matti asked for an adult to help.  After a quick game of rock, paper, scissors to see who went first, Mrs Gardner took to the bike, showing us her stunt riding skills of no handed standing on the wheel and wheelies! Not to be outdone a rather nervous Mr Milnes was next.  The children were most impressed with his no handed wheel standing.

Matti was kind enough to to answer several questions from the children and even had time for a photo and an autograph with the Bikeit! and JRSO teams.  A big thank you to Bikeit! Ray and Matti for organising this event and to all our Gomer children for their dedication to cycling.

The whole school now have The Extreme Mountain Bike Show in July to look forward to.

24th June 2016
Category: Whole School