As the majority of Year Five were sat in their new Year Six classrooms as part of transition week, one boy in particular was hard at work on a project in his last couple of weeks at Gomer before he moves to a new school. Alfie was set a task by Mrs Toone to design and build some form of home, for an animal, to be placed in the school’s nature trail.

Working alongside Mr Downing, Alfie decided to make a house for a hedgehog to live in. He accessed  pictures of various designs on the internet, and researched about what materials and tools he may have to use. After foraging in the skip (with adult supervision) for some materials and politely asking Mr Allen for tools, Alfie and Mr Downing set to work.

“We used a hammer and nails to connect the sides to the base, and we used a drill to make air holes so the hedgehogs can breathe. We copied the idea of putting in a porch from one of the designs on our poster; this is to stop a fox from trying to get inside. We put dry grass and leaves inside for them to use as a bed.” – Alfie Moran, 5ST.

The hedgehog house has been placed in a quiet and sheltered area of our nature area and we’re hoping to stay in contact with Alfie to let him know whether his legacy at Gomer becomes a home to any furry critters.

13th July 2016
Category: Whole School