Tomorrow is national e-safety day. At Gomer Junior, we aim to ensure that our children are continually aware of e-safety issues and the parents/carers are aware of how to take further responsibility for keeping children safe at home. Children are IT savvy and it is important that you are aware of how they are accessing technology.

The use of the internet is rising and much technology relies on it. There are some fascinating and useful ways to learn from being on-line but it is important, especially as apps and games for example are ever evolving that you have measures in place at home to help keep children safe and that children themselves take responsibility for being safe. This is no different to being ‘stranger danger aware’ and ‘road safety aware’ when out and about. Sometimes, the comfort of the home can reduce our sense of risk. Therefore, everyday this week, there will be a e-safety focus in class. Each website post will be dedicated to giving parents/carers relevant e-safety information.


Have you heard of CEOP? – Child Exploitation and Online Protection. They have all sorts of helpful pages to help stay safe on-line. There are pages dedicated to parents/carers and pages that are in age appropriate language for infants, juniors and secondary aged children. Please visit:

If your child tells you something that worries you:

Take a break.  If your child is telling you things that worry you it is really important to stay calm and not to react immediately. Let them tell you what’s going on and then decide together how you’re going to deal with it.

Get help together.  If your child tells you something which means they could be in danger you must report this to the relevant organisations. Try to agree to do this together. Don’t take over unless you think that is your only option.

Get support for yourself.  Your focus is going to be on looking after your child but remember to look after yourself as well and get support from your family and friends. You can get further advice from Thinkuknow and there are other organisations that can help you and your child.

6th February 2017
Category: Whole School