Y4 were visited by the Maritime Archaeological Trust on Thursday 9 March. This featured as part of their SeaSTEM learning. The children visited the mobile education centre (parked on our playground) which enabled them to participate in a range of activities including studying the maritime timeline and uncovering archaeological finds. The children also had teaching and learning time in the classroom, acquiring many interesting facts. Some children had the opportunity to dress up in full diving gear. Some facts that Y4 have recounted:

  1. Maritime Archaeologists work under the water with limited time constraints. Their torches are so bright, they could blind you!
  2. Queen Mary ll set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton in 2004
  3. Between 5-6000 ships were sunk in WWl – the plan was for the enemy to stop supplies getting to Great Britain
  4. The Mary Rose is made out of wood. When it sunk, it was filled with water so when raised, an intricate drying out process had to take place to prevent the wood from decay.

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10th March 2017
Category: Whole School