On a Friday we host a celebration assembly. Awards shared on a weekly basis include:

  • Learning Power Certificates – 1 per class (your child will come home with this)
  • Golden Child  – 1 per class (your child will come home with a badge and have their name displayed in the Golden Book and you will receive a text)
  • House Points Cup
  • Top Table Children – Mrs Mulhall was delighted to be joined by 4 Y3 children today alongside older children too (your child will be given a sticker the day before and receive a mini-certificate on the day)
  • Sporting fixture successes
  • External achievements that are not shared through the newsletter e.g. swimming awards

The Friday assembly is a really special assembly and Team Gomer spend much time to celebrate the many success of your children. It is a fabulous end to any week. For more information about what is said and why these awards are given please do speak to your child.

8th September 2017
Category: Whole School