We update our website termly outlining what each year group is learning. You can find full details at http://kgagomer.uk/our-school/curriculum/ Please just click on your child’s year group.
For a quick taster:
Year 3
GSTEM this term will be linked to Solar Energy and in particular, new ways of harnessing this power. We will research, design and make our own solar powered object.
Year 4
Disgusting, hairy and full of rotten pieces of stilton – Year 4 are kicking off their new term exploring Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’! Through reading, the children will be identifying unfamiliar language, discussing words and phrases that capture the imagination and retrieving and recording information.
Year 5
Scratch skills will be revisitied in ICT which will allow the children to develop the programming skills to take to The Lego Suite at Brune Park where they can apply these to the Lego Mindstorms.
Year 6
Ever heard of The Great Wave by a Kanagawa? Fret not if not because we’ll be studying this important piece of art and applying our own watercolour skills too to recreate, reimagine and reinvent this 19th century masterpiece.

15th September 2017
Category: Whole School