On Tuesday 26 September four of our upper school girls competed at the High School Portsmouth in an inter-School Technology Day. The girls were tasked with designing, making marketing and pitching a mono-rail. The girls were told that an eco-friendly train is required for a new bridge link from Gunwharf to Gosport.  Their task was to create the travel company branding and design a vehicle carriage that will run on the test track.The children were superb Gomer Ambassadors and did exceptionally well. They had to present their ideas to a panel of judges from QinetiQ, The University of Portsmouth and BAE Systems.
Of the ten schools, they were placed second missing out first place by only 3 points! The girls did win a prize for their marketing. Well done Emily, Evie, Jasmine and Katie – you were fabulous. Good luck to our Y3 and Y4 girls who will be competing on Thursday 28 September. With thanks to the High School for inviting us to this popular challenge day.
‘It has been a good experience,’ said Katie.  ‘We have met some girls from other schools and put our knowledge of STEM to the test.’
‘We’ve used our maths to work out ticket prices,’added her classmate Jasmine.


27th September 2017
Category: Whole School