Thank you Brune Park,  especially Mrs Eddie, for providing us with the opportunity to participate in a science lesson focusing on different forces and energy needed to enable a plane to fly. 6ST had the opportunity to experiment with different apparatus, even light their own bunsen burner to create thermal energy that was needed to generate a force for their paper snakes to turn. The whole experience culminated in Mrs Eddie showing 6ST how much heat is generated by the sun. Using the eye guards made out of cut sapphire the children were able to look at light sources that represented the intensity of the suns heat and light. Look out Mrs Eddie – the invitation for Gomer’s Year 6 pupils to come back is definitely going to be accepted. It was lovely to spend time at one of our family schools and we recognise how helpful such experiences are for our Y6 children who move to secondary learning next year – one of the benefits of being a GFM school.

26th October 2017
Category: Whole School