We are aware that more and more of the children are accessing Social Media and engaging in on-line activity. We have used the newsletter to outline some of the information below and created a page on the website over a year ago to help you help your child be safe and happy on-line. Please visit: http://kgagomer.uk/keeping-your-children-safe-on-line/
We have an annual E safety week and we have this years scheduled for after half-term. The half-termly Learning Log task is linked to this in preparation.
Please read the restrictions below.
Social Media Age Restrictions
As is the case with games, films and video clips, social media sites are the subject of age restrictions. These restrictions are in place to protect pupils from accessing age inappropriate material and to help minimise the possibility of cyber bullying. Gomer Junior School is of the firm belief that these age restrictions should be adhered to by parents, carers, pupils and other family members. Remember that the restrictions are there for a reason and that reason is for the safety of the children.
Age Restrictions
Age 18: (or 13 with parent/carer permission): You Tube, Flickr, Keek
Age 16 : Whatsapp
Age 13: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+ Pinterest

10th January 2018
Category: Whole School