Written by Matthew Grygiel – 3KG

On Monday 8 January, Y3 went to the Tutankhamun Exhibition in Dorchester to find out facts about King Tut (a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt).

The first thing we did was get up early! I had my breakfast which consisted of shreddies and then I went to school. Soon after we arrive at school we boarded the coach. After we disembarked the coach, we went to the toilets and then Mrs Wheal took us down past the Top-o-Town bus stop all the way down the High Street to the exhibition.

The museum organiser gave us all a talk about ancient Egypt and Tutankhamun then we went straight into the main body of the exhibition. The first room was kind of sectioned into three smaller pods and had lots of information about Tutankhamun but more importantly, how he was discovered. We followed the path through to a very small room about the murder of Tutankhamun where we saw a replica of his mummified body!

Following this, we were taken through to a life-sized replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb. The first chamber was the antechamber and was stuffed with all the worldly treasures the Pharaoh would need to take with him to the afterlife. There were large chests filled with gold and jewels and three day-beds! There were also some odd looking white bags which turned out to be whitewashed boxes that contained roast meats like duck and full joints! We also saw two guards either side of what turned out to be the doorway to the burial chamber. This room had a huge stone sarcophagus in it and showed life-sized mannequins of Howard Carter and a worker hoisting the coffin of Tutankhamun out of the huge stone box.

At the end of the small exhibition was a black gallery with glass cases lit-up and showing some of the treasures found in the tomb. We saw the head of a huge golden cow which I think is actually a goddess and we also saw the King’s throne chair and his death mask! It was glorious!

After lunch, our class traipsed up some tiny stairs to the Mummies Room and looked at maybe five or six mummies which turned out to be fake although one of them definitely didn’t look it!

I thought the visit had been fascinating and I would go back for sure!

14th January 2018
Category: Whole School