To further praise the children for completing Home Learning tasks, children are rewarded with a raffle ticket when a Learning Log is returned, completed, on a Wednesday. Every term, one ticket is drawn, in front of the whole school and the winning ticket comes with a £5 WHSmith voucher. Learning Logs are set on a Friday and are to be returned by the following Wednesday. Tasks set are normally to consolidate class based learning. In addition to this there is a whole school half-termly task that aligns to a key whole school focus e.g. this term is to present a list of top 10 e safety facts, ahead of our e safety week. Recognising the need to rest and spend time together as a family, we do not set Home Learning in the holidays but do encourage reading. Following parental/carer request, optional tasks are provided for Y6 learners.
Well done to the Autumn Term winners, pictured below.

2nd February 2018
Category: Whole School