Y5 settled to Stubbington life as soon as they arrived at the centre today. The children quickly familiarised themselves with their rooms after arrival and started their first challenge.

The children had to complete a map activity, where they had to find the location of 10 items scattered about the centre grounds. Some tricky orientation skills were required! The children also needed to be able to decipher 4 keys which referred to various landmarks. Well done to Evie R and Macie K for coming out on top, finding five of the items in quick succession. Toby figured out the ‘ice river’ challenge and scored significant points for the Owls.
“I thought the map activity was a lot of fun,” commented Lilly in her diary.
“It was really exciting when I thought I was lost in the woods!” added Evie.
During the afternoon the children moved on to den building. The sun was shining but it was mighty cold outside. Mrs Duffy seized her chance to test the children’s claims that their den is waterproof. (While the children are inside, of course.)

 The children are liking the food and have already recorded positive reviews. Although it is cold outside it is lovely and warm in the centre teaching spaces and sleeping areas. In an attempt to ensure the children to sleep tonight they are still out and about at 8pm. 5MD are observing wildlife in the hide and 5PM are inside learning about the local nature.

“I’m already loving it and I’ve only done one day so I’m looking forward to the rest of the days,” remarked Cody.

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5th February 2018
Category: Whole School