Snow is forecast this week. But, we are aiming to be open. The school has been laying grit since Friday of last week and has kept the heating on low over-night. In the event of further snow-fall, we are aiming to be open due to many staff members living locally and being able to get to school if it is safe to do so. Depending on what happens we may need to look at scheduling a shorter day to accommodate travelling e.g. a 2pm finish. We will text you accordingly to confirm ANY changes to the school day. If your child does come to school when it is snowing please send them in suitable outer clothes and wellingtons or sturdy shoes with a bag to contain them when inside. Where possible, children will be given the opportunity to be outside in the snow and may need a spare change of clothes. We will do everything we can to give you ample notice to any changes. Thank you for your patience. 

28th February 2018
Category: Whole School