Greetings from Sunny Stubbington! After a good nights rest Y5 all woke with the ‘Lark’ after 5EG’s evening encounter in the hide (something to ask the children about when they get home!) After a hearty cooked or continental breakfast (or both for some!) the children started their first full day of activities. Room inspection was first on the list and Y5 quickly tidied their rooms to royal standards and received a mark towards their house group. They all tried not to tidy up too well as they didn’t want word getting back of how good they are…..
What did the crisp Tuesday morning have to offer?  Orienteering, team building challenges to gain currency towards the Eggstreme challenge, tracks and signs – searching for signs of wildlife along with footprints and holes and then created our mammal hotels, hoping that a small vole or mouse may take up residence for the evening……..and if that wasn’t enough Y5 visited the tuck shop, sketched wild life statues and finished off the evening with photographic wildlife talk.  What a day… filled with fun, laughter, exploration and a huge dose of learning! Go Gomer. Go Stubbington.
6th November 2018
Category: Whole School