Following another hearty breakfast the children settled to some super classroom activities. They impressed the Stubbington staff with how much they had learnt. The safe capture of the yellow necked mouse was most certainly a highlight.  Following some observations the mouse was safely returned to his habitat. Not deterred by the weather Y5 had a brilliant morning. With the weather settling after lunch the children spent the afternoon on the beach. There were some brilliant finds, including a shark tooth and the rock pools were investigated thoroughly. Despite enjoying a hearty tea the children applied themselves well to the chocolate game – great fun. The calories were soon required for the solving a mystery which saw the children working in groups having to locate  many characters around the Stubbington. Time in the rooms ahead of ‘lights out’ is always enjoyed. Parents/carers will be pleased to hear that the showers are having lots of use. After three days of full activity Team Gomer are hoping that children will be asleep swiftly tonight…..

7th November 2018
Category: Whole School