On Wednesday, Year 3 were inspired by a Stone Age workshop which formed part of the children’s history learning. They were greeted in the hall by a caveman, who at first only made grunting noises! Throughout the workshop, the children learnt all about the evolution of man during the Stone Age, from primate all the way through to homosapians; they discovered what new skills each stage brought. They got to look closely at tools, learn how fire was discovered and how the Stone Age people used to use every part of animals they hunted. The children learnt about how language was developed, and even had a go at coming up with their own Stone Age language! It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and Year 3 are excited to find out more about the Stone Age through our Stone Age topic. With thanks to our parents and carers for supporting this fabulous opportunity. We will be posting the video, of some of the workshop on the year group page – this is the video shared at the end of the day.

27th September 2019
Category: Whole School