Play and talk allow children to develop their concentration and thrive socially and academically. Despite its many benefits, statistics show that the amount of time children play is on the decline.  There are many simple and cheap games available that are fun to play and enable basic yet important skills. We are finding, at Gomer, that more and more children are not accessing traditional games such as ‘pairs’, Kim’s Game or challenging jigsaws. Motor skills are being affected too because activities such as sewing and calligraphy are hobbies are less popular these days. So, listed below are some suggestions for engaging your children in non-tech based activities that are enjoyable and very useful to their development too. There might be some good Christmas list items here too…. .
Creative Language / writing
Think Words
A children’s thesaurus
Rory’s story cubes
Don’t Say it / Taboo Junior
Scrabble / Junior versions available
Bananagrams games
Logic / spacial awareness / memory
Q.bitz game
Make ‘N Break
Jigsaw Puzzles
Kim’s Game
Motor skills
Lego / Mechano
Kinetic sand
Operation game
Sewing / knitting kit
Sequin art
Hama Beads
Cats Cradle
A protractor
A non-slip ruler
Magformers (shapes)
Magnetic dartboard
Sum Fun
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15th October 2019
Category: Whole School