Annually we help raise funds for the Royal British Legion through the sale of poppies and poppy merchandise. Monies that we collect go towards funding the Legion’s ongoing work in supporting the Armed Forces community; serving and ex-serving personnel and their families. In the pictures you will see the items available to the children with suggested donations – the children can of course contribute more. Children will have the opportunity daily, at break-time, from today until the week after half-term to make some donations and choose something from the box. Children are permitted to wear their merchandise (assuming it is not distracting) until the end of the day on 11 November.
Suggested donations as outlined by the Legion ( more can be added to the box if you wish):

– Slap band £1
– Ruler £1
– Reflector 50p
– Pencils 50p
– Eraser 50p
– Bracelets (rubber&metal) 50p
– Also normal paper poppies – donation of choice – we suggest 20p- £1

23rd October 2019
Category: Whole School