Gomer are delighted, once again to be supporting the Gosport Borough Council and ASDA lantern parade. Y5 thoroughly enjoyed making their lanterns, on Wednesday, in preparation for the parade on Saturday 30 November. We do hope that lots of children from Gomer can once again join us for the parade. We will be meeting at ‘the compass’ near the ferry at 2.45pm on Saturday. Children can wear a Gomer hi-vis vest if they like. We have a large banner to carry to help chaperone the parade which will walk down the high street and stop at the Town Hall where the children will sing a Christmas song. If your child would like to make a lantern they can do so in the SEARCH building or the Discovery Centre. Access the red leaflet we sent home recently for more information. The parade culminates with a silent firework display – it is a lovely festive event that was enjoyed by many of the community last year.

28th November 2019
Category: Whole School