Welcome (欢迎) Miss Nie, a GFM teacher who is based at Bay House. Miss Nie  introduced Y6 to Mandarin this week. Mandarin is part of of our languages curriculum and the children in Y6 will have one lesson a week with Miss Nie for at least a term. This will be a great introduction for the children ahead of them starting secondary school. For those attending Bay House they can opt to learn Mandarin in Y7 – information regarding this forms part of the transition. In their first lesson the children looked at some of the similarities between Mandarin and English. They also shared what they know of Mandarin. The children’s Chinese New Year decorations look gorgeous and will form part of a display in our reception area. Interestingly, Y6 will also attend a China Day at Bay House on Monday 27 January. With thanks (谢谢) to the GFM for making such opportunities possible.

16th January 2020
Category: Whole School