Every week Mrs Mulhall hosts Top Table (normally on a Friday) for children across the school. Children are invited, following commitment to the weekly Learning Power and/or lovely behaviours at break and lunch times – it is easy for the class teachers to choose so it is aimed that all children will attend Top Table at least once in the academic year. Your child will be given a sticker the day before Top Table day so you will know your child has been invited. The table is laid a little differently to the main tables and there are a variety of drinks for the children to choose from; before being given a fizzy drink (if they choose this) children are asked if they are allowed this at home. A new addition to the table has been introduced – a ‘genre of the week’ place mat. The array of place mats have a book cover and blurb linked to the ‘genre of the week’. With thanks to Mrs Kidd, our librarian for sorting our weekly ‘Book Tasting’. The place mats facilitated some lovely discussion alongside regular top table chat too.

30th January 2020
Category: Whole School