Y5 have been presented with their Bikeability certificates. With the superb support of Pedal Power Training , professional cycling instructors,  Year 5 were given the opportunity to take part in ‘National Standard Cycle Training’. The training schemes aim is to have more people cycling more often and more safely. The trainers were joined every day for the whole week by our 57 eager and enthusiastic riders to pedal their way through a whole host of activities. Day one consisted of  2 hours of training on how to check over your bike to ensure it is roadworthy followed by a range of fun exercises to asses, check and develop their bike control skills. The next two training days saw the students riding on the local streets surrounding the school. This exciting part used the quiet roads teaching the children how to use arm signals correctly along with navigating around junctions and parked vehicles. On day four the student gained confidence and skills by taking it turns to lead their small groups along slightly busier roads, practising the manoeuvres ‘out front’. Finally, on their last day they took an assessment on all they had learnt.
What an amazing opportunity for all involved and we are all very grateful for the opportunity to learn this life long skill. Thank you Pedal Power.
10th February 2020
Category: Whole School