Last week was really busy in preparation for this week. Both weeks have been busy and different. We have been really appreciative of your feedback for Team Gomer and are proud of how well the whole community have worked together. In these unprecedented times your continued support is really appreciated and your feedback has made us so happy we have shared some here. Please remember that it ok for each family to decide how best to use the materials and resources we are sharing. There are no set times or handing in schedules. There is not set formula as every family is different.
Some feedback from the community for Team Gomer:
‘I would just like to say that packs the children were given are such a great idea! I especially love the pen pal idea. Thank you to all the teachers and staff for their quick and brilliant thinking. Giving the children tools and ways to stay positive and engaged in different activities both educational and physical. This time is uncertain for us all but *** has come home excited to create new days with the help of her timetable. Thank you again!’
‘Huge huge thank you for all of your quick thinking and hard work. I especially like the load the dishwasher and clean up (should have seen the look of shock and horror on **** face 😂😂😂). He already has his schedule on the wall and working through it.’
‘Thank you Team Gomer for the support you are providing for all the children during this difficult time. The emails, posts and video clips are helping the children to maintain contact with their classes and complete their work without feeling totally isolated and overwhelmed.’

‘For the home learning packs sent home. They are brilliant, really well thought out and will be a huge help to keep learning at home on track. I’m particularly pleased with the timetable!! They must have taken a lot of effort to get together so quickly, thank you very much!  Hope everyone stays well.’

‘Just been to collect the Gomer Junior ‘work from home’ pack. Having reviewed it, I wanted to say a big thank you! It is just what was required; clear, challenging and enough to keep my daughters mind stimulated.’
‘You are all awesome and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all that you have done, all you continue to do and all that’s yet to come. Absolute legends and truly inspiring, despite the exceptionally challenging circumstances. Go Gomer! With thanks.’
‘Thank you to all the teachers who are working really hard to provide learning daily during this tricky time. ❤’
‘Well done Team Gomer. Watching with interest to see how remote learning could be developed further within my setting.’
‘I think the effort and dedication from teachers, to enable the home learning, has been amazing, and really appreciated. I think this message from yourselves will certainly ease the minds of a lot of us….. mine for sure. Thank you for your continued efforts at this unprecedented time. Stay well, stay safe. ‘
‘To all Gomer Junior School staff a huge thank you for all you have done for our children.
Your dedication is awesome!’
Team Gomer thank YOU for working and learning with us. There will be more videos and materials for you to access next week. Please view emails, posts and the Google Classroom as a sign-posting tool. Choose what works well for you. Information to follow about our online Monday Celebration Assembly.
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27th March 2020
Category: Whole School