We adore our Services Bears who are well travelled because they go out on deployment with our service children’s parents. These bears are all currently experiencing ‘lockdown’ at Gomer. So, we were delighted to hear about and see this bear, named Kid, pictured below:

We love her!  Kid is very busy and she has a new outfit and activity to do everyday. She has been spotted by many of us when out and about whilst taking our daily exercise.  Much appreciation has been shown for the bears through our closed parent/carer FB page. So much so, we wanted to share the bears with you here too. With thanks to the Charlesworth Family for the wonderful daily displays. Thank you for making us all smile. Awesome creativity too. We of course especially love the bears when dressed in Gomer uniform. If you haven’t sene them yet, maybe go for a bear hunt in your wonderings…… nGo Gomer!

28th April 2020
Category: Whole School