We are asking all visitors to Gomer Junior, who are outside our immediate community, to access the NHS Track and Trace system.

What you need to do:

1. First, before you arrive at school or when you do, download the NHS Covid-19 app from your smartphone app store. The app will ask for permission to use your camera (It needs to use camera for it to scan).

2. Next, input your home post area code – PO12 PO13 etc

3. Then, scan the QR code in our reception and on on our noticeboard by opening the app, clicking the purple “Venue check in” option.

4. Finally, your camera will open and you are required to put the QR code in the box – automatically checks you into Gomer Junior School.

5. There is no need to ‘check out’.

6. The app will notify you of relevant and necessary COID-19 information related to the school.

29th September 2020
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