It is with sadness that we had to inform the Police of a bicycle theft that took place this morning. An unknown member of the public stole a locked bicycle from our bicycle shelter despite: our gates being locked, the bicycle being locked and CCTV cameras in force. Having seen the CCTV footage, the thief clearly knew what they were looking for – a black carrera bicycle sold by Halfords.

The thief was on site momentarily and did not come anywhere near the school building. In the event you see an abandoned black carrera bicycle in the local area or hear about one being sold in unusual circumstances, please contact the school in order for us to share this information with the family and Police. This could be the stolen bicycle. 

We are cross that a thief accessed our site and really sad for the child who owned the bicycle.  We love that the children walk, cycle or scoot to school and should not need to worry about thieves taking their property.

Please be vigilant locally. Please inform friends of children in other local schools that thieves are at work. We are reviewing supervision of the bicycle shelter with immediate effect.

26th November 2020
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