Engineering is for everyone! We know that at Gomer but the research outlines that girls tend to drop STEM subjects at every decision point throughout their schooling (despite generally performing better than boys in those subjects), and that they are less likely than boys to feel they could become an engineer if they wanted to. This is one of the reasons why we launched gSTEM in 2015 to ensure Gomer girls knew they could pursue STEM learning and careers if they were so motivated to do so. Studies show that exposure to STEM from a young age, through engaging activities and relatable role models for example, can turn the trend around. 


Tomorrow is the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Listed below are some engaging activities for the children to participate in. We remain committed to challenging stereotypes of who can become an engineer. We are keen to encourage more girls to pursue their love of STEM at school and beyond, leading the way for a more diverse and representative workforce.

A Spark for Engineering

Families: activities to do at home

An article written by Mrs Digby for national publication from STEM Learning.

10th February 2021
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