We love to write at Gomer and poetry is a super medium for us to express ourselves. Our Year 6 pupils have used their poetry writing as an opportunity to share some of their thoughts. Interestingly, a sonnet is a one-stanza, 14-line poem. A sonnet, which derived from the Italian word sonetto, means ‘a little sound or song’. This is what three of our Y6 pupils had to say:

Coronavirus has been like hell

Helping our anxiety

We have a wish that all will be well

Vaccinations have a wide variety.

New masks every week, to keep us safe

Schools have intriduced new COVID rules

One if them is to keep our spoace

Another is to keep our cool.

Never been this terriblly bored

Can’t beleive it has turned out this way

Personal hygiene has been ignored

Lockdown 4 is coming our way….

We need to keep up thes outstanding pace

But we need to remember HANDS FACE SPACE.

16th March 2021
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