Solve 12 clues to find locations. Seek numbers. Visit a secret destination. Enjoy a couple of hours of delightful sleuthing, for all ages. We’ve recovered a safe that contains vital information, and a mysterious package. But we don’t have the code number to open the safe. Can you solve the clues, find numbers, unravel an anagram, head to a secret destination and get us the code number? We think you can!
Taking place around Alverstoke and Stokes Bay, tickets are £5.50 per household bubble. Check out for tickets and more information. The code needs to be cracked by Sunday 18 April.
This trail is organised by Alverstoke Projects who’re community members volunteering their time to make this fun event. All profits will go to GAFIRS (Gosport and Fareham Inshore Rescue Service).

10th April 2021
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