Today, Year 4 travelled back to Victorian times and spent the day in role as a Victorian child. We were so impressed with the costumes that the children wore. The costumes really helped the adults and children to ‘role play’ throughout the day. The children noticed that the teachers were very strict today. Gomer 2021 and Gomer 1885 have many differences – some that the children were not very keen on. One teacher had a cane! The girls certainly noticed a few differences. They were sat in rows and at the back of the class whilst the boys sat at the front. The girls completed their sewing whilst the boys finished their woodwork. All pupils in our Victorian school enjoyed a fabulous day of inkwells, slates, drill and dunce hats! With thanks to the Year 4 team for immersing the children in Victorian times and to our parents/carers for organising the costumes. The children certainly embraced the day. Go Gomer!

30th April 2021
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