With the start of term looming we are aware that many of you are organising school uniform for the start of term. We are very grateful to the community for adhering to our uniform policy. At Gomer Junior School we have a school uniform because we recognise that a consistent uniform approach increases children’s identity and self-esteem, impacting positively on behaviour. It also puts the children in the right frame of mind for working. Additionally, it ensures that pupils are not differentiated one from another because of the clothes they wear to school. Skoolkit are all set to help you and local supermarkets have lots of stock too. We updated the Summer Term newsletter with information about the PE zipped sports sweatshirt. Skoolkit are now our stockist, providing a sweatshirt as the same quality as the school jumpers. Children are to wear their PE kits to school on PE days and will be required, on cooler days, to wear a school jumper if you choose not to wear the zipped PE sweatshirt. To ensure you have the correct uniform please do check the website information. We look forward to welcoming our pupils in their smart uniforms at the start of term. Go Gomer!

25th August 2021
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