Wow! What an adventure packed day Year 5 have had today at Stubbington Study Centre. After a delicious full English breakfast the children had their first room inspections. The teachers were all extremely impressed with how seriously all the rooms took this and there was some incredible teamwork to get the rooms looking spotless! Even the beds were made to the ‘Stubbington standard’! We then split into our activities: Earthquake and Anglo Saxon Experience were followed by Amazon Adventure. Both groups had a fantastic time and it was really noticed how much better the teamwork and communication had developed between the children. After lunch and some down time, Year 5 then had their afternoon activities: Stubbington Fox and The Eggstreme challenge. The children embraced these activities with enthusiasm and Jamie (5LF) said he was “so excited to see real fox footprints in the sand!”

Our evening activities saw the children enjoying some free time in the park and the football field. After the out and about Pirate crime mystery children had a quick Stubby biscuit before getting showered and ready for bed. Everyone is looking forward to a relaxing evening after a busy day, and are excited for the final activities tomorrow!  

9th September 2021
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