We love our Friday Celebration assembly. It is an opportunity for Team Gomer (big and small) to reflect on the successes and positives of the week. The assembly really adds to our sense of community and belonging. It is great to see the children feeling proud of each other. In our assembly we celebrate the following:

  • Attendance awards: A class attendance league is created every week. The aim is to try to ensure that all classes maintain at least 96% attendance. A cup is awarded to the winning class. The league table is displayed in the case outside reception.
  • Golden Child: One child chosen as ‘Golden Child’. Name appears in a special book which is displayed in the trophy cabinet and a Golden Child badge is awarded.
  • House Points: The school is divided into four house colours. Points are awarded for good behavior and excellent work. They can be awarded by any member of staff and are totalled each week and a cup awarded in celebration assembly. A running total of overall leading house is kept and the winning house is celebrated weekly.
  • Kindness award: Each week, a pupil from each class is nominated for their kindness. Examples of their kindness are shared with the whole school and celebrated as a group.
  • Learning Power and/or Gosport Future certificates: Awarded in our weekly celebration assembly to one child per class who has exceeded at the Learning Power/Gosport Future of the week.

Well done to every child who was celebrated today and well done to the whole school for trying their best in all they have done this week. They should be able to tell you all about it. We look forward to celebrating again next week. Go Gomer!

17th September 2021
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