At Gomer Junior School we have a school uniform because we believe a consistent uniform approach increases children’s identity and self-esteem, impacting positively on behaviour. It also puts the children in the right frame of mind for working. Additionally, it ensures that pupils are not differentiated one from another because of the clothes they wear to school. We have given careful consideration to the uniform list ensuring that it is readily available and reasonably priced. We are proud of how smart the children look in their day-to-day uniform. As we settle into the new academic year please check that your child is wearing the correct PE Kit. Due to children wearing the kit for two whole days a week, now, more than ever, a consistent looking PE kit is important to us. Please check the Uniform List to ensure you have the correct items. Children will be spoken to if they have strayed from the list in order that we can work out a plan to ensure the correct uniform is worn. An area for development across the school is black shorts. Not got a pair? We have checked with Asda who have a large stock of black shorts or leggings and tracksuit bottoms for £3-£5. Since the July newsletter, and ahead of the winter months, we are moving away from navy and grey tracksuit bottoms due to the range of logoed and coloured items coming into school. The Skoolkit PE zipped jackets are looking really smart. Not got one of these? Please send your child to school in their school cardigan or jumper. In anticipation of the children looking super smart, thank you to our parents/carers for working with the school on this.

20th September 2021
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