We launched our Kindness Fortnight on Monday to further enhance our character education programme. As a school, we recognise that kindness is very important. When we practice kindness, either to other people or towards ourselves, we can experience positive mental and physical changes. It is evidenced that happy people are more kind in the first place and that they can become even happier, kinder and more grateful following a simple intervention. Like gratitude, kindness is an important human strength that influences subjective well-being. Kindness contributes to good social relationships and can thereby be viewed as adaptive. Our weekly kindness shout-outs are highlighting how much kindness we share in our school. In our assembly the children outlined some of the reasons why kindness is important.

Year 3We would be lonely without kindness.You only live once – you must make the most of it.
Year 4Kindness mean people are respecting each other – if people are kind to each other, each of them feel respected. Kindness costs nothing, but one act of kindness can really improve your day.
Year 5Kindness is contagious – we can catch it from each other. Kindness brightens someone’s day.Kindness shows we care.
Year 6Kindness is a never ending chain – if you give by being kind, it can be returned back to you.If you are kind, you will get further in life.

All week we have been seeing wonderful acts of kindness which have spread across the school. Tomorrow we will be kind to ourselves. We’ll be wearing our slippers around school. Go Gomer!

14th October 2021
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