All pupils at Gomer Junior are issued with a gmail address, which enables them to log into the school computers, and also into their Google Classroom accounts. During Computing lessons, children may also use their email address to practise sending and receiving emails and to save and retrieve work to/from their google drives. In digitalised world, we are pleased that our children are using electronic forms communication with information about how to do so safely. Staff do not have the capacity to monitor pupil’s emails, and although certification guidance and social media discussions are  had through online safety lessons, we have recently been made aware of a school gmail account being used to set up social media accounts – this is not encouraged or endorsed by the school – quite the opposite. Please keep having open and honest conversations with your child/ren about social media, and where possible, monitor their school email addresses to ensure they are using them age appropriately.
For more information on how to set up privacy settings on social media, please visit


4th February 2022
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