Following on from our learning about states of matter, Year 4 has been finding out how we can reduce water waste. They have found out how they can reduce water use at home and are using the information to write a persuasive letter. Whilst completing their research the children found out that not everyone in the world has access to tap water. Year 4 learned that some children have to walk 4 miles to find water before having to carry it home! Furthermore, they learned that this water is often not clean! Taking it in turns, Year 4 took time to walk around the playground with a 10 litre bucket. The children all agreed that this would be hard work if they had to carry it 4miles – one lap was a challenge!
Next week, Year 4 will be thinking about how they could clean dirty water. They will design, create and test their methods. Watch this space….

10th March 2022
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