Yesterday morning, Year 5 headed down to the beach for some outdoor learning. The children worked collaboratively to observe the environment around them and used their five senses to think about creative ways to describe our beautiful bay. In teams, they came up with some fantastic similes, metaphors, noun phrases, onomatopoeias and even personification to describe this setting. We used these when we got back to school, working in class teams to create a shared piece of writing. Collaboration was a huge part of the day as once the children had shared ideas and written their descriptive phrases, they enjoyed some team-building games. These games required them to use their Engineering Habits of Mind (EHOM) as they need to problem solve, adapt and effectively communicate and work together. 

There were three games: pass the ball around the circle (it can not touch the ground and your are not allowed to touch the ball with your hands or feet), get into groups (find people with the same colour and get into groups without talking – nonverbal communication), find your way round the grid (listen carefully and follow the directions). 

Big Team Gomer were so impressed with the way Year 5 worked together, the problem solving they demonstrated and the writing they produced that they gave them an extra 5 minutes of lunchtime. Children were also able to enjoy a hot chocolate upon return to school. All children should be very proud of themselves – well done Year 5! 

1st April 2022
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