Yesterday, for the first time since 2019, Year 4 visited Butser Farm. They had an awesome day of learning. First, the children sat around a fire in a roundhouse and learnt about how they were built. Did you know that the fire in the roundhouse had many purposes? It not only kept the roundhouse warm but also meant the Celts could cook their food. The smoke from the fire would stop bugs from living in the rooves (which were made from wood and straw) which helped their rooves lasted longer. They could also use the smoke to preserve meat so that the animals they had killed would feed them for longer. The participation in an archaeological dig enabled the children to learn from an array of artefacts.

Year 4 made their own Celtic jewellery and found out that they used their jewellery to hold their clothes together because they did not have zips, buttons or Velcro. Did you know the Celtic men tended to wear more jewellery than the women? The crafting continued with the children all spinning real sheep’s wool (it was a little smelly) to make a bracelet.

The visit to the Roman villa allowed the children to hear a little more about what life was like as a Roman. The mosaic in the villa had hundreds of thousands of tiles in it and after getting to see it we had some fun creating their own mosaic designs. the children saw Roman toilets and found out that they used to play board games with each other while sitting on the toilet! Year 4 couldn’t believe it when we found out that only boys got to go to school in Rome while girls were expected to stay home.

The children had such a great day and learnt so much!

1st July 2022
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