We had our last School Council meeting of the academic year. Our councillors were thanked for their time. Here are some of their comments about their experience on school council.
Yr 6 Sam: I enjoyed meeting new people and having the opportunity to get involved in new things such as the crisp packet project. Liam: I really enjoyed taking part in the crisp packet project as we got to work with other people in the GFM community and be part of a good cause. 
Yr 5 Mary: I have really loved representing my class and listening to the opinions and ideas of others. Joshua: It has been good to get the chance to share my view on things to do with school and I liked helping out with assemblies. 
Yr 4 Sofia: I have enjoyed going to other schools and working with other student councils Max: Having meetings with other student councils in the GFM from Rowner, Brune Park and Bay House and been really good. 
Yr 3 George: I have had lots of fun and feel like we have made a difference Bonnie: I have enjoyed visiting other schools in the GFM and working with different groups of people.

Achievements and contributions we are most proud of this year: – The Crisp Packet Project – Meeting with other school councils to discuss and share ideas about our schools in the GFM (representing Team Gomer) – helping to interview candidates who have applied to work at Gomer and giving them a tour of the school. We all feel we have grown in confidence and developed our Gosport Futures of Speaking and Listening while on Student Council this year. 

Our advice to the new student council applicants next year would be: 

– think about what new ideas you could bring 

– remember that it is an important responsibility but that we support each other and have support from the school 

– you can get experience sharing your own and others ideas with different groups of people. You may already feel confident in this which is great or you may want to be part of student council to help you grow in confidence.

7th July 2022
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